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I’m glad you have stopped by ūüėÄ

Welcome to my blog!

You will have to excuse my writing skills, or lack of…lol, you see I’m new to this whole blogging thing.

My story so far…..

I am born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I have a basic education where I only went as far as I had too at high school, which back in those days was year 10. I have had many jobs over the years, girl friday, filing clerk, house cleaner, shop assistant, data entry, pathology service assistant, caravan park proprietor and cook in a take away. I had no idea what I wanted to do so I just floated around. I come from a middle class background, youngest daughter of Allen and Joan Brown. I also have a sister and brother.

Funny faces

Funny faces

¬†I became a mum for the first time when I was 24 years old, Jade and then ¬†again at 39 years old, Cass. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m slightly¬†mental with the ¬†age gap and trust me the youngest makes me more mental each day..lol.

Just jokes Cass (if she ever reads this, pretty sure she would rather be on  instagram).

Shortie and Storm

Shortie and Storm

We have 2 dogs, Shortie and Storm, these mesmerizing bits of fur are my fur babies.


After my last relationship fell apart, I bought him out and took over the mortgage. As you can imagine, not an easy thing to do on one wage. Even though times can be tough, there is not a thing I would change. Well that’s not entirely true, finances I would LOVE to change.

index 11¬†My favorite place in the whole wide world is the beach. Oh my happy place. If I ¬†can’t get to sleep I picture ¬†myself there, when I’m stressed over a dead line at ¬†work, or anything at all and I go to the beach. All the different sounds, the waves rolling in, birds, kids ¬†laughing and then there is the smell of salt in the air, fantastic.

I also enjoy walking my dogs, reading a good book whether it be personal development or just for pleasure. Movies are another great way to pass the time, especially on the big screen. Jade is very interested in getting into acting, to the point of enrolling in NIDA courses. She is very passionate about it.

mum and dadIn 2009 I moved my elderly parents in with us so it would be easier for me to look after them. At the time I had a tiny 3 bedroom house which was barely large enough for the girls and I. So it was renovation central here for a while. Now we all live comfortably with lots more room for us to get out of each others way, when we need to. Oh yeah we clash. If you have ever lived with elderly people you will understand how blasted stubborn they can be. Love them to bits just the same <3

I don’t play sport anymore as I have a work related back injury. It happened first in 2009 and was only minor. Again in 2012 where I damaged my L5/S1, bulging and torn. March 2014¬† slipped onto my back knocking myself unconscious and spent the day in hospital. What a dope, not really. Anyway now my back is damaged much worse. L5, L4, L3 are all bulging and S1 is torn worse.

It is because of this injury that I will never be able to work full time again.

Now this got me thinking about what I would do once my parents were gone and I was no longer a carer for them.

My intention was to go back to full time work so I could pay off my mortgage.

Well the universe had different plans for me it would seem.

“Right” I say to myself, “What next?”

I started looking for jobs I could do working from home. I could look after dad and mum and replace my income. At the time I wasn’t computerthinking too big, just replace my wage and pension. This would also be good for my back as I wouldn’t have to sit all day which just increases the pain.

Some sort of work that involved a computer was a thought I had, as I’m always on it. Now I¬† knew nothing about the internet, except for facebook…lol. As there are so many scams out there I was nervous about where to start. I tried a few things, get rich with the push of a button type things, talk about naive. After a little while trying these get rich options and failing, I came across an online education company. Training, tools, products, everything I would need to be successful.

The first attraction was being able to learn at my own pace, awesome.

Working around my family commitments, another tick.

So I could do my marketing, training calls, personal development etc around my parents appointments.

Best decision ever!

I love it here with Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy.


We have the best community that I have had the pleasure of being a part of. Everyone wants to help    everyone. I have never come across this level of assistance before. Even the 2 guys who own the company    are out there in the trenches everyday helping us to create our new digital lives.



My Vision 

  • ¬†Like most internet marketers, those of us who take it seriously anyway,¬† I want to add value. I want to be an ¬†important part of the Digital Economy. To help others be the best form of themselves. To be able to put my stamp on things.
  • To help people who are getting ready to retire sort out their finances.
  • To show the world that education doesn’t just come from schools, college or university. There is an alternate, Digital Education. Teaching people how to work on the internet which is the new education method.


I want these things for others as these are the EXACT same reasons I became a Digital Entrepreneur, working from home around my family and carer commitments. Scared to death that one day I would NEVER get to retire.

Talk soon,

TraceyL2small blog



P.S. My parents both passed away last year. My mum on September 17th 2014. Dad on November 9th 2014. They will always be missed :'(

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